We try to describe how the clothes turn out.

We sometimes indicate what size the model wears when the photos are taken by us.

Where necessary, we indicate waistband/waist and bust size. You can also measure these on yourself. Per size we calculate up to 4 cm size increments per size. I.e. a pair of trousers with a waist size of 70 cm for an S, will have a waist size of 74 cm for an M.

All measurements should be neither too tight nor too loose. It is best to measure in thin clothing or underwear so that no extra millimeters falsify the result.

A) Chest
Place the tape measure over the widest part of the chest and measure horizontally around the body.

B) Waist
Measure horizontally around the slimmest part of the abdomen.

C) Hip
Place the tape measure around the widest part of the hip and measure horizontally.