About Moeon

MOEON stands for sustainable, independant and contemporary clothing, curated by an engaged, international team of creatives and fashion experts.

We are against disposable fashion, not against style. Since 2014, we offer distinctive and durable pieces that enable our customers to express their individuality without harming the planet.

Both online and in store, these three principles are at our core:

In fashion and in life, we choose to remain curious and go different ways. In doing so, we express our values in a way that feels right to us. MOEON wants to inspire you to do the same.

We celebrate the art and craft of fashion. We choose special, timeless pieces that reflect who we are and not who we are supposed to be.

As long as environmentally conscious and ethical economy is not a standard in fashion, we will continue to make it easy and transparent to find modern, sustainable and extravagant brands.

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