About Arianne
About Arianne is a shoe brand for women that is 100% made in Spain. Every pair of shoes is made in Elx (Alacant) since its creation in 2010. The team works in the local studio in Poblenou, Barcelona. They don't follow trends and respect local craftsmanship and the environment by making comfortable and beautiful shoes with the best Spanish materials and leathers.
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Afends was founded in 2006 by Declan Wise and Jonathan Salfield in Byron Bay, Australia. Initially, the two had a a screen printing business making band merch for punk and hardcore bands. This aesthetic, paired with the influences of the surf and skate culture, are key to the style of the brand. Their goal is to create durable, ecofriendly and timeless clothing.
Amt was founded in Catalonia in 2016 by Adrià Machado. The brand stands for timeless garments made of sustainable, durable and recycled materials inspired by nature and art. Amt is always concerned about the longevity of all their designs to preserve the planet.
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is an independent Australian women's label that creates unique, colorful and modern designs. Each Arthur piece is made by local tailors in small factories in Indonesia and Bali.
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is a sustainable label from France. The style is located somewhere between modern city and untouched nature, with a vision of clarity and simplicity. Baserange focuses on innovative design using high-quality materials such as bamboo and organic cotton. Baserange works exclusively with small family businesses. All clothing is produced in small towns around Porto, Portugal, and Turkey.
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was founded in California in 2007. The Baggu nylon bags, whether in the form of shopping bags, backpacks or fanny packs, are modern, colorful, light and stable. They are produced ethically correct in China and made of 40% recycled nylon. By weaving together recycled and non-recycled fibers, the result is a very durable material. BAGGU also produces recycled canvas and sustainable leather products.
Brixtol Textiles
The Swedish label Brixtol Textiles was founded in 2011 by friends Gustav Kjellander and Emil Holmström and is inspired by British workwear and the fashion culture of the 1960s. Accordingly, Brixtol creates alternative yet modern classics, which they design in the British Midlands, where the world's leading manufacturers of traditional British outerwear are located.
Colorful Standard
loves color, simplicity and perfect cuts. That's why they create timeless basics such as T-shirts and hoodies made of high-quality organic cotton or scarves and sweaters made of 100% Italian extra-fine merino wool and all this in a particularly beautiful color palette. They are produced regionally in Portugal, and all garments are pre-washed so that they do not shrink during washing.
CUS is a Slow Fashion Label from Barcelona. All products are manufactured in the brand's own studio. There ist a constant collection and seasonal styles, that are only produced on demand. All CUS garments are free from petroleum, that means that none of the materials contains any polyester or nylon. Only non toxic-dyes are applied when dying the fabrics; all fabrics are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 or GOTS-certified.
Feb is a Ukrainian brand that stands for cool, colourful jumpers made from Italian merino wool. All Feb products are produced in a small atelier in Kyiv. The name Feb is an abbreviation of the month "February", not only because the label was founded in February 2020, but especially because it is the favourite month of the two founders Victoria and Andriy. With their jumpers, they want to bring more colour into the dreary winter grey - even though their jumpers can obviously be worn all year round.
Feners has been founded in 2017 by Carla and Adri in Spain. All shoes of the brand are handcrafted close to Alicante, Spain, by a family-owned manufacturer.
Fine Cosmetics
was founded in 2016 by Judith Springer. Since then, the brand has been producing cosmetic products that are free of harmful ingredients and aluminium salts and are 100% vegan. All products are manufactured in Germany.
Folkdays stands for fairtrade jewelry, accessoires, interior and clothing made by independent craftsmen, family businesses and local fairtrade organisations from Africa, Asia and South America. All products are handmade with a focus on natural materials.
makes timeless knitwear with a focus on pure materials and the best quality. The Danish brand was founded in 2006 by Anne Sofie Olrik and Lotte Bundgaard with the desire to make clothes that feel good and are comfortable.
Girlfriend Collective
is a US-American sports brand that manufactures clothing from recycled materials. For example, 25 recycled PET bottles are used in 1 leggings and 11 in a sports bra. All materials are made in Taiwan and sewn in Vietnam. The factory is SA8000 certified (a standard developed by Social Accountability International / SAI ) GC also establishes a visual language that empowers women of all shapes and sizes.
South America, 1993: Anna Cales and Leon van den Broek set off on a backpacking trip and come up with the idea for the brand. 30 years later, they employ around 700 knitters in Ecuador who hand-knit colourful jumpers and accessories from high-quality alpaca wool. The founders spend six months a year in Ecuador in order to be able to accompany every phase of the development process.
is a Swedish shoe brand and was founded in 1945 by Ragnar Karlsson. Today, the brand is led in the fourth generation. It stands for quality and good design. For shoes that can be worn year after year.
is a slow fashion brand from New Zealand. It takes 18 months for each garment from design to delivery. They support fair wages, no child labor, workers rights, gender equality and grower community. Kowtow uses sustainable fabrics and produces in certified safe workplaces. The brand has been founded in 2006.
was founded in 2013 by Miranda Chen and Philipp Langer to create Öko outerwear that scores with a timeless look, sustainable materials and high functionality. All products are manufactured under fair conditions in the company's own production facility in China. Langerchen develops many fabrics itself and every step, from the fabric to the finished jacket, takes place in our own factory in China.
Less is more
Less is More is developed by chemist and aromatherapist Dr. Doris Brandhuber und hairstylist Hannes Trummer. Together they create a range of organic care and styling products. They focus on functionality and simplicity, beauty, health and ethics, using only natural ingredients that are the best in efficiency and purity as well as being sensitive to both skin and environment. Essential oils add a high level of comfort.
Levens Jewels
The brand was founded by former actress Mar del Hoyo, who found a new outlet for her creativity while travelling through the south of France, turning ceramics into jewellery. She named the brand after the town of Levens, where she made her first creation. She works in Barcelona with a small team that she calls her closest circle.
Libertine Libertine
Libertine Libertine was founded in 2009 in Copenhagen by Rasmus Bak, Pernille Schwarz & Peter Ovesen out of the desire to create high quality products that arouse appetite and curiosity in consumers. The brand stands for a balance between contemporary cuts and modern silhouettes. All garments are produced in Europe by experienced craftspeople.
is an eco-conscious jewelry brand located in Atlanta, Georgia. They only use cellulose acetate and bio-acetate for their products, which are natural and renewable materials.
Makia is a Brand from Helsinki that stands for simple and functional design while focusing on materials respecting the harsh Northern climate. It was founded in 2001.
is a Swedish knitwear label founded in 2010. They focus on the selection of materials according to specific criteria, such as the durability of the fibers and that they age with grace. All knitting yarns are spun in Europe, except the cashmere and silk blends. All knitwear and woven fabrics are produced in the EU, especially in Lithuania.
was founded in 1939 in Partizánske, a small town in Slovakia, and developed into a European brand selling unique sneakers. Novesta uses only organic materials like natural rubber and 100% organic cotton, which are also certified. Novesta is proud of its tradition and quality of handmade shoes.
Nudie Jeans
was founded with the aim of creating a purely organic denim brand, and since 2012, every pair of jeans has been made from 100% organic cotton. The label works only with suppliers who share the brand's values. Together with the Fair Wear Foundation, it guarantees safe and ethical working conditions throughout the production line
O my Bag
is a Dutch brand creating ethically made leather bags. All products are made in India in factories to which the brand maintains strong and long-lasting relationships. They mostly use natural tanned leather, but are currently also introduction vegan options such as apple leather. They monitor their environmental and social efforts in yearly reports.
Ombre Claire
Ombre Claire is an artistic universe from which a contemporary jewelry line is born. The French designer Aude Durou is constantly creating new designs, which are then produced by artisans such as the Tuareg in Nigeria. All jewelry is made of recycled silver and the gold parts are platinized with gold. Ombre Claire also works with bronze directly from Africa.
Packbags is a label from Amsterdam that focuses on circular design. All bags are made of recycled materials and can be put together as desired. There are different bag models that can be individually combined with different straps. This makes the bags particularly durable, as individual parts can easily be exchanged or replaced if they break or are no longer to your liking.
Rita Row
Rita Row was founded in 2013 in Figueres, Spain, by Imma Serra and Xènia Semis. The brand not only stands for comfort, quality and unique clothing, but also aims to empower women. They focus on quality and proximity, meaning that all garments are are manufactured in either Spain or Portugal, and all threads and fabrics come from Europe and are mostly certified.
Since 2009, Rotholz creates timeless eco fashion and lifestyle products in a minimalistic look. The brand is based in Potsdam and stands for a sustainable and ethical production in collaboration wie manufacturers and artists.
Sessùn was founded in 1998 by Emma François and is strongly inspired by her travels, especially to South America. From the beginning, she has made it a point of honour to offer only quality products made with respect for people and expertise. The brand combines an understated pursuit of timelessness with collaborations with artists and craftspeople.
Sissel Edelbo
Sissel Edelbo was founded in 2004 by childhood friends Jeanne Sissel Thomsen and Christina Edelbo. The brand stands for colorful, feminine clothing upcycled exclusively from vintage materials. The focus is on the use of Indian saris. Handmade blankets are also used for jackets and bags. All products are produced in India. The founders travel there three to four times a year to strengthen labor relations and ensure that working conditions are respected.
Ten Points
is a shoe brand and family business that has been in the industry for more than 40 years. Their shoes are designed in Sweden and manufactured in Portugal. Ten Points stands for sustainability, craftsmanship and quality.
Thinking Mu
is a Catalan label that creates its collections using 100% organic cotton from India and Peru. In addition, all garments are produced in small Fairtrade workshops, which have proven to be reliable in long cooperation. Thinking Mu also supports artists in its collections by offering them a platform on the garments.
is a men's brand inspired by the Spanish sports and leisure aesthetics. It is produced locally in Spain and Portugal. Unfeigned uses organic and recycled materials and designs high quality pieces. Unfeigned focuses on the maximum reduction of plastic and water consumption, replacing toxic materials with environmentally friendly alternatives, from the fibers to the final packaging.
Wildthings Collectables
Wildthings Collectables is a jewelry label that was founded in 2016 by Leanne Jacometti. All items are handmade in Bali by local craftsmen and mainly consist of recycled materials. The pieces can be combined in all kind of ways to express the personality of the person wearing them.
Won Hundred
Won Hundred is a Copenhagen-based fashion brand founded in 2004 by Nikolaj Nielsen. The brand has its roots in denim and craftsmanship and places great emphasis on producing high quality garments. Won Hundred's vision is to create durable garments and products that focus on design and wearability, and that can be worn regardless of age and gender.
was founded in 2018 by two Berliners. That the two founders have a background in fashion and architecture can be seen in the sculptural looking leather bags, which are manufactured in Europe. The leather used is a by-product of the meat industry, which would otherwise be disposed of. The leather is tanned in a family run tannery in Tuscany, in a vegetable and environmentally friendly tanning process.