MOEON reopens differently

In the last few days we have rebuilt our stores for you, because we no longer want to divide into clothes for men and clothes for women. We stand for fashion for everyone. That's why we now have one shop for clothes, MOEON SUSTAINABLE CLOTHING, and one for everything else: MOEON SUSTAINABLE SHOES & GOODS.

We still offer clothes from brands that design according to the categories "man" and "woman". This means that not all garments will be available in all sizes. It also means that some cuts are designed for bodies with broad shoulders, others for bodies with breasts.

We want these boundaries to blur. That the idea that we are only allowed to wear what is meant for our biological sex dissolves in our minds.

We experience that many of our customers already buy clothes from us across these boundaries - and we want to encourage this behaviour. We want to encourage more people to think beyond social conventions and simply wear what they feel most comfortable in. Because clothes per se have no gender.

Dieffenbachstraße 12
Re-opening: 18.03.

Schönleinstraße 10
Re-Opening 16.03.