Tanya in our backyard

Tanya in our backyard

This is Tanya, one of our saleswomen at Moeon and most importantly our illustrator. Having successfully graduated from art school, she is now a wonderful illustrator who makes the great pictures to go with our blog posts.

In it, she manages to accurately and wittily portray the serious human rights and environmental issues we discuss on the blog. Always in her own distinctive, colorful and flat style.


Have a look at her amazing work!

Tanya wears Colorful Standard t-shirts and sweatshirts in our backyard and our favorite denim label Nudie Jeans.

Colorful Standard produces in their own factory in Portugal, colorful tops of all kinds, which are always made of organic cotton. They started with one t-shirt and one sweatshirt for men and women. Now there are socks, caps, different sweatshirt , t-shirt and sweatpants models for both sexes and all this in 48 colors. These models are really a color explosion in our stores and just in gray times a mood lifter. 

Nudie Jeans is a brand from Sweden that has been working with great denim cuts for many years. Nudie Jeans is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and the processed organic cotton is GOTS certified.

In our assortment we have mainly the more modern cuts of Nudie, with simple to no jeans washes, from high-waisted mom jeans to the 501 offcuts and the Clean Eileen models, with the wide cut legs.