Baggu, the ultmative bag label

Baggu, the ultmative bag label

In this category we want to introduce you to brands, cuts or special pieces that we love to sell, show you how different styles fit and the people behind the scenes at our store.


One of the most appreciated labels by us and our customers at Moeon, is
Baggu, from California. In the beginning we only had a few shopping bags
on offer, now you can find big, small and very small bags, cotton bags,
nylon bags, shoulder bags, caps, purses, phone sling bags, backpacks
and much more from Baggu – and all that in countless colors and

Sonja, the founder of Moeon, shows the three Cloud Bag models that are available. She founded Moeon in 2014 and is tireless in finding new, sustainable and modern brands for our stores.

Particularly popular, because so invaluably practical, are the Cloud Bags made of nylon. The large model is suitable as a weekender, the medium model, in handbag size can also be used as a diaper bag – for those who don’t fancy the standard mommy fashion – and the mini Cloud Bag, even fits a 13-inch laptop, complete with sleeve. Currently available in the colors Moss, Peppercorn, Black, Brown and the pattern Indigo Trippy Checker. The colors and patterns of the models change depending on the season and the mood of the designers at Baggu, but never repeat.All models made of heavy nylon are made of 59% recycled material. Baggu uses a recycled nylon filament yarn made from pre-consumer waste. They are working on switching to 100% recycled material, but that is not possible just yet due to cost, as the reycycled portion is the costly one.




A side note on the oddity of the fashion industry: why is it more
expensive to use recycled fabric instead of newly produced? It’s because
the entire supply chain is produced under favorable but inhumane
conditions, exploiting people and nature to do so – read more here.

Baggu produces ethically in China, where they have long-standing
relationships with their manufacturers. These production sites are
inspected annually by an independent body as well as by Baggus itself.